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About Us

The Frameworks Education Group, founded by Javier Mora and Emma L Pratt, fosters growth and innovation in the English teaching industry internationally through the synergy of its dynamic brands StudyCELTA, TEFLwork, ELTCampus and ELT Today.

Based in Cambridge, UK, the team is deeply involved in international teacher training projects and teacher development.

Our experience with CELTA and Delta dates back to 1999 and our market knowledge spans 17 years of closely watching the ELT sector worldwide.

Our Focus

With a massive knowledge at our fingertips, we understand what makes a CELTA centre successful, especially now with the challenges facing all of us. Given that, we’re super keen to share our insight with you.

Initial Consultancy

We check your vital signs, do a health check and tell what you need to do to be “CELTA Centre fit”.

Application Support

We help you through the process of applying to be a CELTA centre every step of the way. We pride ourselves of our “let’s do this” attitude!

Business Development

We’re always thinking outside the square and looking at ways to make things happen. We mentor, coach and assist you as you build your model for training as part of your business vision.

Planning and Promotion

With our reach and wide expertise, we help promote your courses, find trainers, find students and of course, find candidates for your course seats!

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Where to find us

A stone’s throw from this very bridge:
94A Regent St,
Cambridge, CB2 1DP
United Kingdom